Feb 9, 2016

The Life Erotic – Elizabeth L & Lote

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Samantha Bentley – Ice 2
Released: February 9, 2016

Spending a decadent afternoon holed away together, Lote and Elizabeth L decide to make the best use of their time. Elizabeth has taken on the dominant role, and has bound Lotes slender wrists with black rope. She lightly teases Lotes body with her fingers, which fans the flames of Lotes desire higher. Elizabeth begins to drag a sizable chunk of ice over Lotes lips. It travels down her body, leaving droplets of water in its wake. Elizabeth watches as Lotes hips move in an undulating pattern. She then begins to use the phallic-shaped ice as a dildo, alternating between sliding it Lotes heated pussy, and back up over her body again.


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