Feb 26, 2016

Jim Slip – Valentina Bianco

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Valentina Bianco – From Saint To Slut!
Released: February 26, 2016

As my God fearing members would have seen in last weeks episode, Valentina had truly turned her back on her saintly origins and fallen into the arms of Satan himself! Yes my brethren, there was no stopping her and it was here that she removed my cock from her mouth and whispered that she had always had a secret desire to be dressed as a wanton slut and then brutally ravaged like a cheap whore. Well, I was quite taken aback by this shocking revelation and after a few seconds thought remembered we had such an outfit hanging in the wardrobe still warm from the last babe who had expressed a similar, “Secret desire”. Anyway, my brethren, I am sure you will agree that Valentina looked absolutely sensational as a cheap slut and I wasted no time in ravaging her! I especially enjoyed tearing her slutty tights apart and then her flimsy panties and …


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