Feb 12, 2016

Jim Slip – Aylin Diamond

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Aylin Diamond – Sexy Schoolgirl
Released: February 12, 2016

Aylin disappeared for a good half an hour and re-emerged as the epitome of the “Sexy schoolgirl” complete with pleated skirt, white socks and high heels (which in my day would have gotten her flayed with rosary beads by angry, twisted and vengeful nuns). Otto would have been most proud to see Aylin striding around with her tiny pleated skirt barely covering her round, perfect bum. Naturally, I was delighted when she dropped to her knees and looking up at me with doe eyes, reached into my trousers, took out my dick and stuffed it down her throat! From here on there were no holds barred in Aylins repertoire of shameful shenanigans and I was so shocked that I was tempted to visit this Otto fellow at his establishment of filth, knock on his door and when he answered it, shake both his hands and congratulate him!


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